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SERVICES - Process Consultancy

Do you know how much it costs to hire someone for your company, and more importantly do you know how long the process takes? How well do your competitors perform? And what can you do to give your business a competitive advantage?

Unless you measure and benchmark your processes and understand how they compare against your peers and the leaders in your class, you cannot effectively manage them, you cannot improve them or defend them!

Variation in a process costs a company time, resources and money, and impacts on service delivery to the customer.
It is key factor in the fight to improve process capability and efficiency and is caused by a number of key factors.

To be able to understand why variation occurs and to reduce it, we use the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology to identify the root cause of the particular issue, and then set about measuring, improving and controlling the processes.

There are hundreds and thousands of HR / Payroll transactions that are carried out in every HR / Payroll department every day, and every step of each process produces inputs and outputs in electronic or paper format.

The effectiveness and efficiency of these processes is determined by the amount of variation there is in the process that is used to produce the outputs. The more variation there is in a process the more errors there will be and the less efficient the processs is likely to be.

Our statistical analysis of your data will also allow us to predict – to a high degree of accuracy – if future performance is likely to meet the required targets. This will allow your business to be proactive instead of reactive to potential HR / Payroll process issues, and allow you to plan HR / Payroll strategy for the future with confidence.


Our carefully chosen and proven business solutions are the final piece of the HR jigsaw in delivering world class HR Transactional services.

Using the Six Sigma methodology we utilise the data from the HR processes to help identify and resolve service delivery issues.