Transact HR

SERVICES - Systems Consultancy

We can provide a full range of HR / Payroll systems consultancy from system selection and procurement to systems implementation, configuration and development.

Our HR / Payroll systems selection and procurement service follows six sigma methodology and is designed to maximise the return on your initial investment (ROI). The complete service includes the identification of the cost of poor quality (COPQ) in your existing HR / Payroll processes to assist you in your business case to get formal sign off to purchase the software.

We can then lead you through the stages of the procurement process to enable you to reach an informed and unbiased decision based on requirements which have been scored and weighted.


After the successful procurement of your new HR / Payroll system we can also assist with the project management and implementation of it. We have skills in designing and completing Project Initiation Documents, Risk Analysis and Registers, Issue Lists, Functional and Technical Specifications, Project Planning using MS project to identify key tasks, resources and critical milestones.

We can also assist with the initial configuration and future development of your HR / Payroll system, helping to build interfaces, new functionality and developing strategies to deliver your business intelligence/ Human Capital / Absence requirements and Management Information reports.


Our carefully chosen and proven business solutions are the final piece of the HR jigsaw in delivering world class HR Transactional services.

Using the Six Sigma methodology we utilise the data from the HR processes to help identify and resolve service delivery issues.