Transact HR


We work with carefully selected HR / Payroll Software solution providers who we believe share the same ethos and values as Transact HR when it comes to delivering functionally rich, user configurable, affordable integrated HR and Payroll Software solutions.

We believe that HR / Payroll Software solutions should capture data only once, at source, where the data is validated for accuracy and completeness. We actively encourage the proactive use of Employee and Manager Self-Service portals to drive the initiation of personal and employment events during the employees life cycle, reducing paper, transportation delays and errors and omissions.

Process and data disconnects between HR and Payroll can cause Employers substantial wasted time, effort and have a negative impact on their workforce who experience more payrolls errors on their payslip. In 2015 PwC reported that Payroll errors cost the average FTSE 100 company between £10 million and £30 million per year.

We firmly believe that the Employee / Manager portal is an essential Employer communication tool that can drive, remind and enforce where necessary company values, policies, targets / objectives to ensure the workforce are working towards a common business goal.

It can also assist with HR policy compliance, reduces the risks of statutory non-compliance and any subsequent fines and penalties.

It is also a great collaboration and engagement tool allowing Employers to encourage employees to take part in a predetermined activitiy when the Employee first logs on, or to complete workforce surveys on any topic at any time.

Finally, we feel it is important that the Employee / Manager web portal is intuitive, without the need for a ‘how to’ manual, so that Employees of any generation from ‘Baby Boomers’ to ‘Gen Z’ feel comfortable with the software and feel it really helps them enjoy their work, and allows for their growth and future skills development.  Forward-thinking companies are investing in a pipeline of next generation leaders who can position the organisation for future success and maximise the full potential of such Software solutions.