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Software Buyers Guide

Buying HR / Payroll Sofware involves a considerable investment in both time and money. So it is important that you make the right choice for your business and your workforce. Having been involved in several procurement processes in several industry sectors we would like to offer this advice when looking for your next HR / Payroll Software. solution.


  • Choose integrated rather than segregated software solutions, unless there is a compelling business case against that option.
  • Ask the software vendor to demonstrate publishing some user defined fields to the Self Service portal.
  • Check under the bonnet to look at the underlying database tables and field structures. Are they in logical sequence which makes it easy to report on?
  • Buy software that has been developed using programming languages that syncronise automatically with Microsoft Office applications and are compatible with the more popular web browsers to avoid issues when third party applications are updated.
  • Let the vendor host the software application to avoid updating software on internal servers or better still use the software under a monthly lease SaaS agreement and let the vendor handle all the housekeeping, back ups and DR procedures.



  • Assume the most expensive option is the best option.
  • Buy a sledge hammer to crack a walnut unless the business dictates you do so. Sledge hammers are very expensive to develop / support, even though the initial licence costs might be free.
  • Go for the ‘sexy’ option. Although look and feel is important, its functionality and how that can improve your business processes that is important.
  • Spend money on bespoke software development for the system, change your business processes so that they fit with the functionality of the core software.



Paul Rains


Ian Madeley


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