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People Cloud Solutions trading in the UK as The People Solutions Company offers a very flexible, totally integrated HR / Payroll software solution which is rich in terms of functionality compared with best of breed solutions in the UK, at a very affordable price.
It is easy to configure with no real technical expertise required to develop the software to meet your own business requirements.
It has a unique approach to reporting data on the RTI files, which allows any UK changes in legislation to be easily handled in a timely manner.

The Software solution consists of the following modules which can be purchased separately, but definitely work best together to provide a complete HR life cycle solution.

  • HR Administration
  • Human Capital Management
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Relations including Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Occupational Health
  • Payroll Administration
  • Leave Management
  • Loan Management
  • Employee and Manager Self Service


The Payroll module, which includes Pensions Auto Enrolment assessment, can handle the Reward and Benefits complexities of any industry sector – from the Construction Industry and Sub Contractors, to Local Government and School Teachers, as well as seconded employees from overseas.

You can pay expenses via the payroll, record and report Benefits on the RTI file, and if you are ‘Payrolling’ Benefits, or using form P11D, as well as reporting any Benefits provided under the OpRa scheme. Whilst for seconded employees from overseas, the solution can handle S690 directives that apply to taxable earnings here in the UK.

The solution allows you to create a hierarchal structure, and uses the concept of Positions where you decide if you want a 1-1 relationship, or multiple employees reporting into the same Position. There are a small number of pre-defined fields assigned to the Organisation and Job, allowing you to then define all the rest to meet the specific needs of your business.  Also, if required, there are a number of fields on the payslip that can be multilingual.

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This versatile solution from People Cloud Solutions trading in the UK as The People Solutions Company, which can be used globally or just for the UK, with built in reporting capabilities and workflow, has everything the HR / Payroll professional needs. You can record ongoing cases that need a resolution, or need to be tracked for a specific period, e.g Maternity Leave.
The solution can also record queries that the employee needs a resolution to which can be allocated to SLA target times if you wish.
You can design your own employee based forms, for example an Expression of Wish form, that can be published to the Self Service portal if you wish.
You can create your own surveys and questionnaires and publish them to the Self Service portal and make them mandatory or optional in terms of employee completion.
And when it comes to ensuring compliance, you will find for your own peace of mind the solution has got all the key issues covered:

  • There is a comprehensive Right to Work process that follows the requirements suggested by the Home Office.
  • The payroll system carries out a NMW wage check and automatically tops up pay if necessary to ensure compliance.
  • The Disciplinary and Grievance processes have been built based upon ACAS best practice to ensure you always follow the correct steps.
  • There is also a Bribery and Corruption self declaration form in Self Service, again following ACAS best practice.
  • There is a GDPR process that can be initiated by the Employee whilst using the Self Service portal to make a Subject Access Request or even a request for Data Removal. The process keeps a records of all requests made by the Employee and the response and time taken by the Employer.
  • There is also a mandatory survey / questionnaire that can be used to record the Employees consent and data verification for GDPR.
  • Each Earnings Code in the Payroll module can be defined as ‘Ordinary Pay’ or a ‘Bonus’ for Gender Pay Gap reporting purposes enabling an extract of data to be imported into a SpreadSheet for further manipulation by the customer.


Whatever your frustration, pain, or pressure point is in HR / Payroll administration, The People Solutions Company has the software that can help you divert your time away from the mundane, repetitive transactional tasks, onto more Strategic activities that will benefit your workforce and improve your Company’s bottom line.

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